Thursday, July 31, 2008

You Never Know

Today while shopping in Walmart I got a horrible call from my husband (he was in Hawaii for business). He had just received news that his younger brother had passed away. The poor cashier must have thought I was having a breakdown as I cried while checking out. Todd was only 39 years old and has a 13 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter. Now to hear that your brother has died is one thing, but to hear that he took his own life is another.

Todd was in the middle of a divorce and we knew that he was struggling and had been depressed (who isn't when their life is being turned upside down), but we didn't realize it was that bad. My hubby is having a hard time and feeling like he should have known, seen the signs or something. Todd lived hundreds of miles away so there is no way we could have seen the signs. When someone dies from sickness or in an accident, well I can understand that to a point. To think that someones CHOOSES to end their life is heart breaking. To feel that desperate. It breaks our heart to think that he felt that low.

Depression is something that no one can understand unless you've been there, and I've been there.

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